Whether you’re serving a bowl of ramen or cooking up stir fry dishes, Wonton Food Inc’s noodles will enhance the flavors on your menu. Using advanced noodle machinery, production technology and an established Safe Quality Food (SQF) management system, you’ll always have the same great taste and quality that has made us your trusted brand for decades! Our noodles are available in all shapes, sizes and textures in fresh, frozen or MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) packaging made to last. When you’re preparing lunch, dinner or a quick late-night snack, our noodles will make your next meal phenomenal. Our noodles are also Kosher certified and supervised by the OU.

Lo Mein Noodle

Known as “stir noodle” in Cantonese, Lo Mein is one of the most authentic soft noodles you will ever serve or taste. These long, raw, tubular foot-long wheat-flour egg noodles have a yellow hue providing an al-dente texture. They’re the perfect substitute to spaghetti, linguine, and vermicelli. Lo Mein noodles are the perfect addition to your stir-fry dishes, crockpot/Instapot recipes, or sauce heavy meals with chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or veggies.

Steamed Noodle

If you’re looking for a stronger noodle that won’t break easily, our soft/medium wheat-flour steamed egg noodles will be a great choice for you. The taste of these slick noodles will heighten the flavors of the sauces and ingredients tossed together. Our pre-prepped, wok-ready Steamed Noodles are great when you need to cook something quickly for many customers or a family function. These on-the-go noodles can be made with meat and/or vegetable meals including a lo mein dish, stir-fried Mongolian noodle plate, Filipino pancit platter, or spicy Thai noodle dish.

Prepared Lo Mein

These partially-cooked long, round, wheat-flour egg noodles can be heated up in minutes in the wok or microwave. The Prepared Lo Mein noodle is chewy and perfect for sauce-heavy meals - amplifying the other flavors and sauces in your dishes. Our Prepped Lo Mein is a noodle specifically made to absorb sauces more than any other noodle available on the market. This noodle is ideal when you need to cook a quick meal for your friends, family or customers.

Ramen Noodle

Wavy, in-house custom-blended flour noodles made in the traditional Sapporo style technique, Our Ramen has undergone a post-production aging process at a cool temperature-controlled environment giving the noodle its beautiful translucent, silky exterior and shorter cooking time.

This popular stretchy yellow noodle has a truly distinctive aromatic alkaline taste that equally complements all the ingredients in your broth. The Ramen noodle can be prepped hot or cold for a variety of meals including shoyu (soy sauce), shio (salt), miso, curry, tonkatsu, or as the main ingredient in a salad. Ramen also works great as a tasty substitute for buns on a burger. You can get them individually wrapped, vacuum packed and portion packed options.

Dried Noodle

This stretchy, slender and firm wheat-flour noodle is one that sauce will easily cling on to. You’ll taste the soft, rich texture of these noodles enhancing the creamy, spicy or lighter sauces when stir frying. Dried Noodles are crafted by us to last and work well with nearly every type of recipe you can imagine when coming up with a menu.

Wonton Noodle

These traditionally thin, yellow pasteurized egg, wheat-flour noodles provide you a chewy distinctive alkaline taste similar in texture to ramen. With the Wonton Noodles, their taste will complement all the other ingredients in a bowl. This type of noodle is great for cooking with a variety of Asian-inspired soups and meals such as Hong Kong wonton noodle soup and beef noodle soup.

Hong Kong Chow Mein Noodle

A steamed firm, thin, long, yellow wheat-flour egg noodle made to give you different textures when cooked in different ways. Known as “fried noodles” in Cantonese, these unique noodles give you a balanced crisp and soft taste that can be pan or deep fried. The Hong Kong Chow Mein noodle is perfect for cooking popular Hong Kong Style noodles or pan-fried noodle dishes with chicken, pork, beef, vegetable, or shrimp; or even liang mian huang, the (literally) “two-faced” pan-fried noodle.

Shandong Noodle

Thicker and shorter wheat-flour noodles, originating from Shandong, China. These springy noodles give you a distinctive moist and chewy texture. Shandong Noodles work with an assortment of traditional Chinese and Asian-inspired recipes such as zha jiang mein (noodles with soybean paste), beef noodle soup and Korean spicy seafood noodle soup.

Wet Noodle

A long wheat-flour noodle that twists. These solid noodles have a smooth texture that brings out the other flavors on your plate. Wet Noodles are commonly used for soups, sauced, or stir-fried dishes such as the lo mein platter, dan dan noodle bowl, or Szechuan noodle soup, making them ideal for serving at large parties.


Japanese-style wheat-flour noodles offering you a slightly chewy and stretchy texture. Our Udon Noodles have a consistent quality and are tougher than most noodles on the market making them resistant to frying or broths. These bouncy nutritious white noodles give you a smooth and doughy taste that complements other ingredients when eating them in a bowl of soup or on a plate with sauce. Usually the centerpiece in hot soups and Asian casseroles, Udon Noodles can also be used in miso soup, curry sauce, stir-fried dishes, spicy stir-fried meals, bánh canh soup (Vietnamese noodle soup), or even cold with dipping sauce.

Longevity Noodle

Better known as “birthday noodles” or yi mein in Chinese, these wheat-flour pasteurized egg noodles are generally eaten on birthdays as a symbol of long life. These yellow, long, stretchy, rounder and slightly thick noodles have a chewy and bouncy texture that stays intact when eaten, making your meal truly enjoyable. While they’re closely associated with birthdays, Longevity Noodles can be eaten anytime for lunch or dinner and goes perfect in stir-fry dishes or casseroles.