Crispy Noodles

Crispy noodles are a wonderful snack providing you with a tasty alternative to crackers, croutons, dinner rolls or tortilla strips when you are looking to change the toppings for your soup, salad, or entrée. Wonton Food Inc. makes an assortment of crispy noodle products you and your customers will enjoy including Crispy Chow Mein Noodles, Wonton Strips and Wonton Chips. We have the ability to customize Crispy Noodle flavors such as garlic and ginger flavor at your request since we specialize in flavoring our products. They’re available in organic, non-GMO and Kosher certified/supervised by the OU. Our ready-to-eat noodles are also available in an all-natural option. Place your order with us today.

Crispy Chow Mein Noodle

Thin, deep-fried noodles that come in an array of sizes and tastes. Crispy Chow Mein Noodles are tasty and crunchy, truly enhancing any meal you make. In addition to being used a savory snack before meals, Crispy Chow Mein noodles are the perfect topping or ingredient for soups, salads and desserts. Recipes you can incorporate these noodles into on your menu are Asian sesame chicken salad, Thai chicken salad, hot and sour soup or as a chocolate/peanut butter treat. You can also order an all-natural version of our crispy noodles.

Wonton Strips

These rectangular Wonton Strips have a bubbly crunch adding a finishing taste that complements your next meal and texture most of your customers want. You can apply these strips to your wonton soup, egg-drop soup, salad or Asian-fusion meal. An all-natural version is also available.

Wonton Chips

These wider square crispy wheat flour noodle will make your meal truly enjoyable. Our ready-to-use Wonton Chips give off a unique crunch and flavor enhancing your taste buds. Wonton Chips taste amazing by themselves, with spices or sauces, and are ideal for an assortment of meals and appetizers including salads, soups, wraps and dips. Like our other crispy noodles, we offer you an all-natural option.